Message from the Public Auditor

Paing Kom and Welcome to the official website of the Kosrae Office of the Public Auditor!

The Office of the Public Auditor is created and empowered to act on your behalf to promote and ensure sound governance and accountability in the management of public sector resources and services. After all, the ultimate purpose of the government and the services it provides is for the benefit and welfare of the public.

This office, therefore, strives to achieve its purpose by examining Kosrae State public sector records, services, and programs. The result of this type of work, identified areas of weaknesses and corresponding corrective recommendations are provided in audit and attestation reports, which are made available to the public through this website. These reports can be accessed here

We are also pleased to provide this website as an avenue for the public to report suspected misuse and wrongdoing involving public sector resources and services. We encourage you to use this link or call the Fraud Hotline also listed on this site to make a report or contribute information related to any suspected wrongdoing. In doing so, be assured that this office treats complaints and reports of wrongdoing with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

I invite you to explore this website to learn more about the Office of the Public Auditor and spread the word about the result of its services and activities! This office is committed to serving on your behalf and partner with you to ensure accountability in our public sector!

Kulo ma lulap and, again, welcome!



Palikkun N. Kilafwasru

Public Auditor, Kosrae State


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